Miracles Can Happen

Zoefia (Zoe) Alexandria was 2 years old when she was diagnosed with Pineoblastoma, a rare and aggressive type of cancer which starts in the cells of the brain’s Pineal gland. The initial doctors did emergency life-saving surgery, and Zoe came out smiling and charged up. She endured major brain surgery and more than likely was in pain, but she never showed it. This was a disease that offered merely months of life after diagnosis and a small percentage could possibly see a few years. Zoefia was in that small percentile bracket, but she was a fighter and clearly determined to beat the odds. Zoefia would endure numerous surgeries, different levels of chemotherapy, radiation treatment, clinical trials among other medications to combat and counter side effects. Zoe just kept smiling and was always loving. She brought joy and laughter to all who spent time with her, and she was never tired to show love and affection. It was something infectious, almost magical you could say, she simply left an indelible impression and memory upon your heart and soul. Zoefia Alexandria was always so bright, selfless and so loving. Her story doesn’t end here, she will always be in our hearts and her memory will forever live on.

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