A Sister That Has a Brother That Goes to a Hospital

Valeree Deschamps is a 10-year-old girl from Baltimore Maryland and her story is based on a true story. 

Valeree had a little brother named Javier. He is now an angel but before, yes, he was going to a hospital. All the things that she has written in the book are her feelings and experiences during the years she was by Javier’s side in his battle. 

Her little brother did get all the attention, he did get more toys, and yes it was very hard times for her family. But just know that if you have a little brother or sister that is going through hard times, just know that you should spend as much time with them as possible. Like Valeree's mom says, “you never know what will happen the next day”. 

That is why she encourage you to spend so much time with your siblings and to always be by their side when they are going through hard times, like she did.

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