The Adventures of Kaitlyn & AJ

About AJ: AJ is 4 years old, who is very shy and mischievous but sweet as can be. He can spend all day playing with his construction cars, airplanes, trains, firetrucks, ambulances and police vehicles. You’ll most likely find him with a lemonade in one hand and a donut, french fries or fettuccine Alfredo in the other as it’s his absolutely favorite things to eat.

About Kaitlyn: Kaitlyn is 6 years old and loves to show off her dance moves whenever she hears a catchy song. She is an animal lover and enjoys taking walks while inspecting all the bugs that come out when it rains. Kaitlyn loves to dress up and has a wardrobe full of dresses and and endless collection of shoes to match. She is always watching out for her little brother AJ.


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