Aaron the Awesome

Aaron Dorisca was born on October 28, 2007. He is 12 years old and is the oldest of two siblings. He is a courageous warrior who has been battling Anaplastic Astrocytoma which is a rare and very aggressive brain tumor since the tender age of 6 years old. His spirit is infectious, and he is unforgettable! He is loving and full of life. On his leisure days, he loves playing fortnight and hanging out with his brothers, Julian and Carter, and his best friends, Keziah and Isabella. He has a big imagination and saw a wonderful opportunity that came about after seeing his scar from his second brain tumor removal. Instead of being sad, he decided to turn his scar into a comic story with the help of Books That Heal organization. Aaron can’t wait to take you on amazing journey as he fights the Tumorator in the hopes that in real life he will slay cancer to its defeat!

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