The Heart of Charlie Nash

Charlie Nash is now an almost 11-year-old boy who is thriving and doing very well.  Although he cannot play sports, his favorite hobby is watching and telling the college and pro players what they should be doing through the screen!  He loves to act in school theatre and will be starring in the upcoming "The Aristocrats."

He loves school and is loved by his peers and teachers for being such a kind and helpful student.  He recently had his yearly cardiac checkup and his heart function looks fantastic.  Sometime this year, he will be undergoing a pacemaker replacement.  We anticipate no problems and look forward to what is ahead!  Charlie Nash is one of the most loving individuals I have ever met.  Not just because he is my son.  He was never really mine to begin with.  He is God's child.  I have just been blessed to walk this walk with him.  We are so very thankful.

Sincerely, his mom

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