Just for You: Daddy's Surgery

LAURIE VINEBERG BUCH lives in Montreal, Canada with her husband Mark and their three daughters: Charlie, Casey and Cameron. A teacher by training,Laurie completed a Bachelor degree in Education and a Masters degree in Inclusive Education at McGill University. Laurie has a daughter living with epilepsy. When the time came to inform her daughter on her epilepsy, Laurie wanted to use a book or story to help explain what epilepsy is. After searching and searching, Laurie couldn’t find the book with the right fit. She decided it would be best to write a personalized book, she titled it Just For You. Since writing a book for her daughter, Laurie has written numerous Just For You books for other children living with various medical conditions or illnesses. She believes that teaching children with age-appropriate language about their medical conditions or illnesses empower them to feel informed and more comfortable with their situations. Laurie hopes to continue to help other families living with the struggles of pediatric illnesses.

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