Forever Logan Strong

In many ways, Logan DeAngelis was your average teenager. He loved to have fun and goof around, oftentimes at the expense of his older sister, Ashleigh. He was an avid sports fan, particularly, a diehard Philadelphia-based sports fan who always faithfully rooted for the Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, and Union. He loved to play all sports, especially soccer, and was a very active outdoorsman who would get up bright and early to get in a good day of hunting or fishing.

Logan’s story; however, does not end like your average teenager’s, and in fact, Logan was no average teenager. In August 2013, after complaining for months of having back pain, Logan was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, a very aggressive tumor that is typically found in adults. Tumors were found in Logan’s brain and spine. Despite the diagnosis, and undoubtable pain that he suffered, Logan remained positive, smiling and giving a trademark thumb-up throughout months of surgeries, chemo and radiation. Logan was beyond Logan Strong, and those who fought with him were always strengthened by the bravery and fight that Logan showed. Logan was much more than your average teenager; Logan was a hero.

Forever Logan Strong covers Logan’s journey through his diagnosis and treatment, as well as the one that his family took by his side. There are entries of happy times despite the heartache and suffering, of friendships fostered during the battle, of love and support by friends and family as times grew challenging. While months were spent in hospital rooms, there are posts of trips taken to beaches in Hawaii and Florida, and to hunts with his father in Georgia and Texas. Logan’s story is one of strength and courage and making the absolute best of every day.

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