Becoming Maddie Panda

Madelyn Ebetino Shumaker (February 17, 2007 - December 10, 2015)Maddie attended Brownell-Talbot School in Omaha, Nebraska from preschool through the third grade. Maddie was energetic, funny, curious and smart. All who met her, loved her, and were loved in return. Maddie liked horseback riding, summer camp, rock climbing and downhill skiing. She loved painting, music, crafts and table games. Over Maddie's short life, she was on the Brownell-Talbot Lower School swim team, played soccer, basketball and tennis, and loved attending high school athletic events. She also enjoyed participating in gymnastics, dance and piano. She truly loved all animals and wanted to be an animal care specialist at a zoo. Maddie traveled extensively including Iceland, Ireland and throughout the U.S. Maddie had the warmest heart and a deep soul. Her compassion grew as she got to know many children also battling cancer. Despite her young age, she understood the concept of heaven and was prepared for it. Her greatest loves, after her family, were her friends at Brownell-Talbot, pandas, her cat, Titan and her fish, Rosie. Maddie will remain an inspiration to all who have been touched by her.

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